My Story

My Story

Caroline  Karlsson

Caroline Karlsson

Hello, great to meet you!

My name is Caroline Karlsson. I’m Swedish but I live since two years with my husband and our 14-year old son, and a cat! ;-) on the beautiful and charming island Malta, south of Italy.

Besides living on Malta – and in Sweden – I have also had the privilege to live longer and shorter periods in other interesting and beautiful countries too, like Portugal, Germany, England, USA, Austria and Italy.

I have always enjoyed traveling, meeting new people and learning more about other countries. I have also always been interested in natural health and wellness related topics.

Therefore, when I one day found Sisel on the internet, offering anti-aging, health and nutritional supplements, skin care products etc, all made of premium quality, natural ingredients, I found it very interesting and decided to start using them to see if I liked them.

I always try to buy and use products that are as healthy and natural as possible, for the sake of the environment and for my and my family’s health and wellness.

Anyways, when I started using the products, I did fall in love with them – because I could tell they WORK!

If you also decide to test the Sisel products, I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Perhaps you’ll even be intrigued by Sisel’s business opportunity, giving you the possibility to have an additional income stream each month, getting products “for free”, and to work from home – from wherever you want – and the time and the hours that suits you best!!!

Anyways, I love helping people to LOOK and FEEL better – to find ways to improve their lives. So if you have ANY questions contact me and I’ll be happy to get back to you!  

You can also connect with me here:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best success and wellness regards,     

Caroline Karlsson


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